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The deposit for the puppies is $200.00. The order of picks is done by the order that I receive the deposits. If you for any reason decide to not buy a puppy after you have paid your deposit, you then have one year to use it on another litter of puppies.

If you have paid a deposit and for any reason the puppy dies, then your deposit can be used on another litter or it can be refunded.

For the deposit you can use a personal check, money order or pay pal.  On a deposit with pay pal you don 't have to pay  the pay pal fee of 3.5%.

For the balance payment you can do a personal check or money order but that has to be in my hand 7 business days before delivery or pickup of the puppy. You can also do pay pal for the balance but  you must add the 3.5% pay pal fee.

My email address in linked to my pay pal  account.