Females                                                   Males

1.  Gisela                                                1. Lauren

2.  Jeff                                                      2. Gary

                                                                    3. Ryan

                                                                    4. Jill




(Available) White male  He is blue Merle with a white chest and belly.

Mother - Tinkerbell

Mini Golden Doodle

(Available) Orange male  He has brown brindle on his legs.

(Adopted) Blue male He was adopted by Lauren.

Date of Birth 4/10/18

Ready to Leave 6/2/18

(Available) Brown male  He is Blue Merle.


(Adopted) Yellow male  He has a little white on his chin and on his back toes. He was adopted by Gary. His name is Kolby.

(Adopted) Pink female She is Blue Merle. Her name is Kloee.

Father - Oliver AKC/CKC

Mini Poodle

(Adopted) Red male  He is blue Merle  He was adopted by Ryan.

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(Adopted) Green male He was adopted by Jill.

(Adopted) Orange female She is Blue Merle. She was adopted by Gisela.